I Hate Google

Working for their competitor for a few years, it was ingrained in me to hate them. However, after having to deal with them for my current job, my hatred has spread even deeper. Dealing with them is an exercise in futility. It’s beyond frustrating, actually. They have no infrastructure for dealing with problems of users. That is not how you run a business. The motto of Google is also absurd – “Don’t Be Evil.” It seems to imply that every corporation in this country is evil, except them.

Let’s focus on their glaring problem – the complete and total lack of customer service. It is reprehensible. A typical e-mail to Google needed help just refers you to the unbelievably generic Google Help section of their Web site. It is already obsolete before it even goes into production because it is impossible to anticipate every problem, ESPECIALLY when dealing with the Internet. The topics are so broad, that without actually talking to someone to find out what the problem is, it is pointless. I’ve never seen a helpful article on Google.

Google is OK when it comes to free products, but heaven help you if you want to give them money for anything (because Google sure won’t). With as difficult as they make their entire process, it would seem that they do not want your money at all, which I find odd because their only source of revenue is Google Adwords. Unfortunately, you need to spend a lot of money with Google for them to even start caring about you. So much for “don’t be evil.” Case in point, I was handling an account, and I needed to change the credit card that the money would be charged to. Seems like it would be easy, but it was no easy task. After 45 minutes of searching, I had to call our account rep to ask him to change it. What if we didn’t have an account rep?

Let me also mention Google Talk. I have been an avid user of IM products since 1993 when Instant Messenger was only available within the America Online Portal. I have used all of them from Yahoo! to MSN to AIM to multiple platform services like Pigin and Trillin (IM platforms that allow you to access all your accounts in one program), and without a doubt, Google is BY FAR the worst. It is much worse than AIM 7.0 that ended a 10 year relationship with AIM and myself. It is a complete disgrace of an IM program. It will be a cold day in hell before I ever get GMail.

Also, I hate Apple.



  1. pauldgallagher said

    It might help to include examples from other people unhappy with Google. Pro-Google individuals could use your built-in bias (which you commendably disclosed at the outset) as an excuse to dismiss your complaints.

  2. Melanie said

    So when do your faithful blog readers get to read a diatribe against Apple?

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