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For those of you who can’t live without knowing how I do in my softball leagues, I am putting my stats on this blog on the “Softball Stats” page on the right sidebar. So go ahead, give it a click. See how awful I do.


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Back from Cali

I made it back from a great trip to Los Angeles, and now the jet-lag is finally gone. Getting home on Sunday and starting back to work on Monday did not give me a lot of time to recover form a cross-country flight. I trudged through the week and made it to the weekend. However, I did not get to sleep in until today. Yesterday, I was up at 815 and off to the Virginia Gold Cup Championship.
I was invited by a coworker, and having never seen live horse racing before, I was intrigued, so I accepted the invitation. As an added bonus, accepting the invitation got me out of helping paint an office building. Never being at a horse race, I did not know what to expect. Never being farther south than Alexandria, Virginia, I did no t know what to expect from the people. Well, the horses were fun to watch. In the first race, we saw a horse have a 20 length lead evaporate to a 3rd place finish. The Virginia Gold Cup championship is a Steeplechase race on a grass course. It is a longer race than the Kentucky Derby.

With no betting at the track, it is just an excuse for people to get plastered before noon and to look COMPLETELY ridiculous for an afternoon (at least I only hope they dressed like that for Gold Cup). a fun time was had by all, but by the third race, it was getting a bit chilly, so we decided to beat the traffic and get home. I made it home in time to watch the most exciting two minutes in sports.

Todd Thurman

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