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Live from 35,861 Feet in the Air

I am posting this from an airplane in route to Los Angeles. I am using the WiFi available on certain Virgin America flights (as well as other airlines, but I am flying Virgin America). It is pretty cool. I should also let you know that I am watching TV on the flight as well. What an age we live in. I’ve almost spolied myself though. I have been so accustomed to certain ammenities (TV, snacks, basically everything jetBlue does) that for me to fly any other way is very difficult. It’s amazing how TV helps pass the endless hours on a flight. Luckily, the airlines with most things to offer, are usually the cheapest options. Virgin America and jetBlue don’t fly to every city, but they fly to my cities (and that is all that really matters).

Anyway, apologies for the lack of updates. You may have noticed a severe lack of content. This is because I hosted this blog on a Web site that was free for me for two years. The two years were up, so I got rid of the of the Web site and the blog. I kept the domain and just point this blog at a WordPress blog to let them pay for the hosting. It has been very busy at work. With my boss out celebrating the birth of his son and getting ready for a conference in LA, there has not been a dull moment lately. Things should settle down on Monday with my boss back and the conference over. However, something else starts on Monday that I am really excited about.


That’s right! For those of you who know me (and really, who else would read this tripe?) know that I love softball and I cannot get enough of it. YOUR Capitialist Tools have our first practice game against the Supply Sliders. To get in shape I loosly organized a practice session at West Potomac Park last Saturday. It felt really good to get back out on the field. My shoulder had other feelings about it though.

It will be a tougher season because, unlike in years past, only one team from each division makes it to the playoffs. We can seal our own destiny early in the season when we play the Center for American Progress (they are known as the left-fielders). They love to bring ringers when they play us. If we win, it will be up to us. If we lose, we will need to count on other teams to beat them. I don’t know about you, but I like controlling my own fate, so I will do my best to win. That’s it for now. I am flying over Kansas right now.

Todd Thurman


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Same Old Voice, Slightly Different Place

This is the new address. Get used to it. I’ll be back with more later. Now it is question and answer time with Jazz Legend Wynton Marsalis.

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